WizFolio is an online research collaboration tool for knowledge discovery. With WizFolio you can easily manage and share all types of information in a citation ready format including research papers, patents, documents, books, YouTube videos, web snippets and more.

Each team is provided with a WizFolio account for managing your team's technology due diligence.  This is a software that I have developed but you are not obligated to use it.  You can use WizFolio to mange your literature search, industry bench marking, market research and patent search.  Team members can sign up for an individual WizFolio account and for the purpose of sharing, the starter account should be sufficient.  The premium account will cost US$25 per year only if you need the premium features such as higher storage, more than 50 journal articles a year.  See the registration page for more detail.

If you wish to use WizFolio for your research and sharing of information may I suggest that you (Team Leader) create the following folders:

1.  Patents

2.  Literature

3.  Industry Bench Marking 

4.  Market Research

and share these folders with my account biechanc@nus.edu.sg and other team members.  Go to the Colleague bar at the left lower corner of the screen, drag and drop the name into the folder you wish to share.

Please note that you can use WizAdd for #3 and #4 and use the citation generator WizCite for writing your report.

For a quick introduction to WizFolio see the Quick Start Video (2 minutes).