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02 Proxxon Tools

The following videos are introductory videos describing the uses and methods for using the equipment you will encounter in-lab. Therefore, it's important to take a quick look through them to learn the proper method of using each tool.

Band Saw

Proxxon MICRO Band Saw MBS 240/E
The micro band saw MBS 240/E cuts non-ferrous materials, wood and plastic materials.
The MBS 240/E has built in electronic speed regulation for the adjustment of the correct band speed for excellent working results.
Te posssibility of adjusting thte work table to any angle between 0 and 45 degrees ensures clean and precise cuts


Proxxon Micromot 50/E
The Micromot is an extremely versatile tool with several different attachable heads which allow it to server as anything from a rotary cutter, grinder to a drill. It also is capable of rotating its tool at different speeds.

Belt Sander

Proxxon BSL Belt Sander 220/E 
The PROXXON band grinder BSL 220/E is a light, compact and user-friendly unit.
It can be used for deburring and breaking edges, removing paint and finely grinding surfaces.

Disc Sander 

Proxxon Disc Sander TG 125/E
The disc sander is ideal for the job of larger, precise and controlled grinding and polishing. It has several different grain sizes for different jobs. It also allows the with a built in grinding table which can tilt to a required angle.

Angle Grinder 

Proxxon LWS Long Neck Angle Grinder 
The PROXXON long neck ange grinder LWS is the ideal device for model making, tool making and mould making.
It can be used for deburring, roughening, fine grinding, chamfering, paint removal, rust removal, cutting small components and sharpening tools.

Hot Wire Cutter 

Proxxon Hot Wire Thermocut 230/E
The Proxxon Hot Wire Thermocut 230/E is a precise instrument capable of cutting styrofoam into just about any shape.