BN3101 has several recommended books that may serve as references or provide additonal knowledge and insights. Most of the books will have to be found by the student, however, in the case that a book title is accompanied by a link, the full e-book can be accessed through using one's NUS ID. A list is provided below:

Furthermore, Cover Pictures and information about the books can be accessed on the Wizfolio page here.

References for Regulatory Affairs

FDA Regulatory affairs
By DJ Pisano and D Mantus
Available as e-book at NUS.

Reliable Design of Medical Devices
By Richard C. Fries
NUS Call No.: R 856.6 Fri (RBR)

References for Design

Product Design and Development

By Kartl T. Ulrich and Steven D. Eppinger
NUS Call No.: HSSML RBR (Loans Desk) - HD31 Ulr 2012

The Medical Device R & D Handbook
By Theodore R. Kucklick
Available as e-book at NUS.

Design of Biomedical Devices and Systems
By Paul H. King and Richard C. Fries
NUS Call No.: CL Books - R856 Kin 2009

Introduction to Ergonomics, 2nd Edition
By R.S. Bridger
NUS Call No.: CL RBR (Loans Desk 1) - TA166 Bri 2009

Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices; Principles and Case Studies

By Karen Becker Witkin
NUS Call No.: MD Books - R856 Cli 2006

References for Patent

Bringing New Technology to Market
By Kathleen R. Allen
NUS Call No.: CL RBR (Loans Desk 1) - HF5415 All 2003

References for Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder Arthroscopy (Second Edition)
By Gary M. Gartsman, MD
Available as e-book at NUS.

Shoulder Arthroscopy
By Timothy D. Bunker
NUS Call No.: CL Closed Stacks (Loans Desk 3) - RD686 Bun

Burkhart's view of the shoulder: a cowboy's guide to advanced shoulder arthroscopy
By Stephen S. Burkhart
To access this book, search "Burkhart" in the NUS library E-Resources.

Minimally invasive shoulder and elbow surgery
By William N. Levine, Theodore A. Blaine, Christopher S. Ahmad
Available as e-book at NUS.