Blogs - BioDesign

Wizfolio has a series of short blog posts containing important information concerning design activities, ranging from tips and tricks to contact information for important services, such as machinists.
1. Screw Standards - When drilling and tapping holes for screws, it is important to know the standardized formats that screws follow so that appropriate drill bit and tapping sets can be used.
2. Engineering Suppliers and Machinists - Most design companies do not have the funds or resources to machine and produce their prototypes themselves. Therefore, they have to outsource this work to companies who are dedicated to machining and providing such parts, such as McMaster Carr.
3. National Centre for Health Statistics - The United States is the world's largest consumer of health care goods and because of this any biomedical firm would do well to watch which way the wind blows in the American healthcare system.
4. Looking for MedTech info? - Provided by, this is the most comprehensive, high-quality, reliable guide to find information spanning from basic clinical information to technical references such as engineering references and regulatory information.
5. Websites you need to know - For those of us involved in product development for medical devices, we have in the past relied on peer review journals, trade magazines and trade shows for information.
6. Learning from your competitors' mistakes - Immersing in the “arts” is an important aspect of medical device design. This includes focus group review with surgeons and other end users. We often think of industry bench marking as looking up brochures and other publications on existing products. I feel that valuable design input can be culled from FDA’s post-market surveillance data.
7. A new class of 3-D printers is going to change the design process for medical devices - Twenty years ago CAD programs appeared on the market and forever changed industrial design.
8. Wilful Infringement - In designing medical devices or developing new products in the biotech industry, patent review is part and parcel of the due diligence process prior to committing resources into a project.