03 Workload

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Most of the lectures and tutorials are concentrated in the first half of the semester.  The intent of this is to allow you to work on your design and fabricate your prototypes.  It would be best for you to organize your work into 4 three-week blocks.
1st three-weeks
    Fabrication of  Clavicle
    Industry Bench Marking and Patent Search and Review
    Design Specification
2nd three-weeks
    Individual Design of Fixation Device
    Group Design of Device
    Design Qualification Round A
3rd three-weeks
    Design Qualification Round B
4th three-weeks
    Complete Design
    Final Fabrication of Prototype
    Write Report and Complete Presentation
The work load averages out per week to be 2 hours of lecture, 1 hour of tutorial, 2 hours of group and 4 hours of preparation.