02 Practical

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Students are provided with basic materials such as Stainless steel tubings, needles and nitinol wires. Also available for prototype fabrications are stock bar of common metal and plastic materials including polypropylene, polycarbonate, acrylic, Delrin and PEEK. Plastic anatomical models will be loaned to students for the duration of the project. The students are expected to use these materials to make a prototype of their proposed design. The necessary tools will be provided by the BioDesign Studio (E3-05-05) and these include rapid prototyping machines, mini lathe, mini milling machines, band saw, sanders and drill press in addition to standard hardware like pliers, cutters, hammers and saws.  Most of the equipment and tools are displayed so you will know where to get them without having to ask some one where it is.  You need to learn how to use the equipment and handle them safely before using them.

In the BioDesign Studio, we have one simple rule and it is the Camper's Rule.  You are expected to return tools that you have used to the original place and clean up after your work.  Please schedule 10-15 minutes as clean up time.