About Project

The CEO of the company thinks that there is a substantial market for another fracture fixation system for clavicle fractures.  The project is based on the following concept:

  • You are working in a Startup Medical Device company 
  • You have no choice who your colleagues are 
  • You are given a small budget and a dateline to do a proof of concept design 
  • Your team is to present to management at the end of 12 weeks a design solution for a fracture fixation system for clavicle fractures.
  • Your team has to convince the management that you should be given more money US$1 million to bring concept to clinical trial

Specifically you are not required to design cutting instruments such as saw, drill or osteotome with your system.  

So if you have questions regarding what are the constraint with respect to the project, think as if you are an employee in the medical device company and you will likely get your answer.